Welcome to Auto Pacte

AUTO PACTE  is an innovative vehicle marketplace based on digital brokerage transactions. Our mission is to simplify the buying/selling of both new and used vehicles through our proprietary brokerage network. We ensure professional transactions with complete transparency.

Who are we?

Auto Pacte is an online car brokerage firm with an experienced team in the development of high-tech companies combined with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive sector. Our mission is to simplify the buying and the selling of new or used vehicles thanks to a brokerage network that ensures the transaction with a professional approach and entirely transparent. This unique concept was launched to facilitate the buying and the selling of a vehicle thanks to our large brokerage network.


What we offer?

The sale of new or used vehicles of all brands

Due to our virtual platform, you have access to new or used vehicles of all brands for competitive prices.

Personalized research

If you want a vehicle in particular, we’ll look at one for you at the best price possible.

Pre-inspection of the vehicle

All of our vehicles on the platform have been inspected by Auto Pacte. We visually inspect the vehicle, test drive it and make sure the car is well aligned and the transmission works properly, we take pictures and videos of the car to show our customers the condition of the vehicle.


We dispose of plenty of financial partners that we’ve been working for years to help our customers get the car they want at the best possible financing rate.


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